Shoal Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northwest Outfitters is located on Shoal Lake which is part of Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters has great Smallmouth Bass fishing and Largemouth Bass fishing. The lake is swarming with Smallmouth Bass up to 6 pounds with Largemouth Bass common in the 1 to 4 pound range but a few old Bucketmouths in the 8-pound range to get caught once in a while. Their main lodge is an outpost lodge, which is only accessible by their high-speed boat service or float plane. They offer American Plan accommodations as well as housekeeping outpost cabins.

Shoal Lake Lodge is on an Island in the middle of Shoal Lake, which is rated the #1 drive-to destination for Smallmouth Bass in Canada. Smallmouth Bass are extremely plentiful as they are the dominant species. Hundreds of Smallmouth Bass in the 1 to 6-pound range can be caught per person per week. This lodge is new with extremely nice cabins and boats. They also have native guides available who have lived on the lake all their lives and know where all the biggest bass are.

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